Tender writing, tenders, project management, AAI Tender Kft, Veszprém


Consulting activity

The key target since our foundation is the development and expansion of competitiveness, the better adaptation to market conditions via advisory activities by the Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s). To achieve this, undertake to start a complex development plans for the whole company, after we made a comprehensive study of business and study form the operation and philosophy of the cooperative firms.


  • Create a needs assessment plan;
  • Market research, trend analysis;
  • Mapping of development opportunities/ Concept of development
    (target: In order to expand market share, increase the company's visibility and help the efficient operation);
  • Development of Marketing Strategy;
  • Preparation of the communication plan
    (with exact steps, and costs);
  • Do the project plan and the action plan.

Tender writing and project management

AAI Tender Ltd. has an extensive and comprehensive many years experience in the field of the project generation, tender writing, project management in the whole project cycle, as well as the financial accounting of conducted projects, the implementation of projects. Wide-ranging experience in the sectorial or regional development programs, business development, major projects in tourism, renewable energy sources even urban planning and development of public institutions.

Our activities in the whole project cycle:

  • Preparation of the development concept
    (generating new projects);
  • preparation of the financial plan
    (Available tenders, discount loans, venture capital opportunities);
  • competence to eligibility and other examinations;
  • undertaking studies to large amounts projects for example:
    • corporate strategy,
    • feasibility study, ROI calculations,
    • create a business plan, budgeting,
    • preparation of documents and dossiers for loans or venture capital,
    • market analysis,
    • equality plan,
    • communications plan.
  • preparation of tenders and making the whole submitted tender dossier;
  • preparation to the grant agreement;
  • project management and management of the investment in the whole lifecycle;
  • management of financial accounting of tenders, cooperation with Development Agencies and other tender carries, help in on-site verifications, etc.;
  • consulting and support in follow-up inspection.

Our company will monitor all the different stages of the project cycle, the projects in technical and professional preparation, mapping the finance solutions, writing the development tender and the implementation as well as preparing for the forthcoming inspections, and the gathering of the monitoring data’s.

Our staff assist to find the best development tender and financial solution that the best suits for your company. We give your business the mostly personalized and recommend business solutions that satisfies your company’s individual needs.



The operational management of the Cluster and the coordination is provided by the AAI Tender Consulting Ltd. The AAI Tender Ltd. has been dealing with energy projects for about 4 years. As it has been searching for suppliers and developers for these projects, the realization came that Hungary is full of brilliant energetics engineers, developers and the country has a very high R&D potential in this field. Another unfortunate thing to face, that these brilliant developers usually create products and technologies isolated, as most of them never even tries to cooperate with other developers or to contact someone from the business life, who could help them creating products from these technologies.

The company’s and its partners solution for this problem is to create a Cluster, a cooperation, that could connect the separate members of a field, working in different sectors, like organizations, institutions, isolated companies, and supporting them to form such cooperation, that could make them separately or even together stronger and even more competitive on the local or on the international market.


  • Benchmarking club
  • Competency development
  • Generating of projects
  • Knowledge base
  • Market research
  • Partnerships
  • Tender resources map

Five companies involved in the formation of the IEREC Cluster from each target group. Special attention was paid by the management not only to the area of renewable energy sector, but also related industries also recruit members. This is used for the continuous development and birth of new ideas and strengthen the common practice of thinking and project development. The Cluster seeks a proactive operation which aids the businesses to raise awareness, so that a continuous increase in its membership.

The International Energetics and Renewable Energy source Cluster may be adopted at European level clusters in the future. However this may be only possible with the collective efforts of the regional members – companies, educational and researching institutes. This strategy is not the end point, not the „terminus”, more like the starting point for developing the communication between the members.