Tender writing, tenders, project management, AAI Tender Kft, Veszprém

Our Mission

Analysis. Advantage. Innovation. These three words describes best in 2009 founded and in 100% by Hungarian owned AAI Tender Consulting and Service company. Our many years of experience and hundreds of successful projects in the development from tenderwrting to the full implementation help our works during the whole projectcycle.
Our mission is that our partners will be the most successful enterprises in the EU funded projects systems.
Our goal is the personalized search in the available resources to every candidate, as well as a quickly, efficiently every day work, in order to minimize the client's energy, and obtain the most appropriate required time, for the successful development and for the support their future, and for the sustainable development.
What, whereof and how? These are the fundamental aspects of development. A successful project requires careful goal setting, right choice of the financing scheme and the thorough knowledge of the implementation environment. The employee of the AAI Tender Ltd. are working quick, efficient and with customer-friendly solutions in practice , and that have resulted the success, that our project partners awarded on the European Union co-founded tenders of the total value about 10 billion forint. Every time if we start a development project, we’ll win, in the latest period from 2009 we are writing the tenders without blemish, was neither rejected nor a contributor role failed projects, in the fields of Economic Development, Energy, or Urban Development, as well as Cultural or Tourism project.

Our methods

AAI Tender Ltd. has an extensive and comprehensive many years experience in the field of the project generation, tender writing, project management in the whole projectcycle, as well as the financial accounting of conducted projects, the implementation of projects. Wide-ranging experience in the sectoral or regional development programs, business development, major projects in tourism, renewable energy sources even urban planning and development of public institutions.
How we work, our success is based on:
  • Custom-made concept to the development, focus on project objectives;
  • Finding realistic and useful subsidization and resources to ensure the successful operation
  • Applicants are well informed in every time from the application process, preparation of the project, by the end of the prepeare to the end of the implementation;
  • Fast, efficient and accurate work;
  • Exact compliance with the time limits, as well as helping the clients in the workflow;
  • Customer-friendly, cost-effective work using sophisticated, practical and helpful methods;


Our customers success and cost efficiency are guaranteed with our competitive pricing system too, because the fees depends first on the success and than second on the project size, which reflects the professional expertise of our staff and their commitment for the perfect project.
The project, one of the pillars of business ideas the most important, and that is the realization of professional technical work which is also an important pillar, that In the years systematically developed network of contacts do complete. We have in the business sector stable cooperation existed for many years, and also good connections with Dvevelpoment Agencies and other tender carries and both partners contributing to the success and satisfaction of applicants' expectations.
These two hard pillars help us to reach our business development plans, to assistance to the applicants on tenders, to fend them from difficulties and failures and to achieve the increase in the number of satisfied applicants and sustainable developments and growth.
We believe the funds that provided by the European Union and the Hungarian Government to the industrial, and public sector is the best way to get the successful and satisfied candidates in every fields and through this new investments and better economical achievement. To give assistance to these players, and via their growth can be achieved step by step the advancement in the region, and trough the region the increase of country's level in competitiveness.